Strategic alliance


Dear Parents, Family, Alumni, Friends and other Anthony Wayne Generals athletics supporters:

Our team of student-athletes is looking forward to having a great season both on and off the field, and we are looking for your help in making our programs not only successful, but programs that benefit everyone around us: the teams, the athletic department, the student body, AW Local schools, the AW youth programs, the community, and you.  We would like to formally invite you to participate in our player support program, “Strategic Alliance.”

Our Strategic Alliance program will help towards raising funds to ensure our athletic programs run smoothly and efficiently, while building a special bond between the players and the community.  All donations we receive will be directly applied to the athletic programs and will be used to purchase new equipment, to fund travel, summer camps, pregame meals, and team athletic apparel.  

What is the Strategic Alliance program?
You will receive Strategic Alliance note cards at the beginning of each season.  Throughout the season we ask that you simply provide your player with hand written notes, offering support and encouragement.  A drop box will be provided at a location determined by the coaches.

Understand that while this is a fundraiser, the true purpose of this program is to provide support and encouragement to our student-athletes as they go thru their respective seasons.  The players LOVE receiving these letters of support before games.  Be creative and have FUN with this.

Thank you for your support!